Web Version Released VOS3000 Web V3.0

VOS3000 Web V3.0
  • New Web Interface for Admin
  • New Web Interface for Customers
  • New Web Interface for Vendors
    Providing rich new & rich features such Real Time Dashboard, Auto Invoicing, Auto Billing Report, Quality Mapping & Routing Reports and much much more!!!
    VOS3000 Mobile App
    Now get full access on your VOS3000 server using your Mobile or Ipad.

    New About VOS3000 Web V3.0

    VOS3000 Web V3.0 is a secure & powerful wholesale VOIP billing solution with new web interface and unbeatable amazing new features. Now control your VOS3000 VOIP billing server using mobile application or a web browser. Moreover enjoy extra secure features, two factor login authentication as well as such as...

    Real Time Dashboard

    Allow Admin, Customers & Vendors keep track of stats on daily basis. Moreover dashboard is really interactive it provides overview of Mapping & Routing Gateway Live Calls, ACD, ASR & Payment History.

    Admin Full Controls

    Using new web interface admin can view live calls reports and can add/edit & delete (Rates, Customers, Vendors, Mapping/Routing Gateway).

    Online Payment Recharge


    Allow your customers to recharge their account via paypal by using VOS3000 Web V3.0 online payment recharge system. Once user has successsfully made a payment his/her account will be automatically updated.

    Online Payment Reports

    Admin is able to view all failed && successfull online payment reports from admin interface.

    Quality Routing rules

    Artificial intelligent routing rules keep balance route priority based on ACD or ASR. Admin can set minimum ACD or ASR for each routing gateway and define different rules. If system get lower stats then defined ACD or ASR it will auto change route priority and if stats are greater than defined values then it will increase route priority.

    Quality Mapping rules

    Admin can define minimum ACD or ASR for each mapping gateway. If system get lower stats then defined ACR or ASR it generates report to notify admin.

    Billing Report

    Billing reports are generated automatically & manually. Once billing report is generated it will be sent to customer by email automatically in PDF format.

    Auto Invoicing

    Once user balance is added invoice is generated automatically and invoice will be sent to customers/vendors by email in PDF format.

    Anti Hack & Firewall

    VOS3000 Web V3.0 has 3 layer Firewall rules. Admin can turn on & off Firewall based on their requirements. Anti-hack block unwanted hit attempts on VOS3000 Desktop client.

    Illegal Call Blocker

    VOS Firewall rules block unwanted illeagle call hit attempts on VOS3000 server this secure your server to maximum level.

    Check Out Live Demo

    Feel free to check out our new live demo of VOS3000 Web V3.0


    VOS3000 Web V3.0 is very useful for me because I don't need to worry about to check my reports, I can do this from web and app very easily from anywhere. Its Amazingly Helpful.

    - Ricardo

    This vos web version is easy to use from anywhere. I really needed this and their support system so good and fast. Thanks vos3000.io.

    - Charlie Christopher

    Vos3000.io is amazing for web version also for their support system. Their support very fast & friendly. web features also very beneficial. I am really enjoying my business with them.

    - Mark

    Secure web interface very easy to use . trusted company with excellent support. Every Time Getting answers to my questions is very Helpful.

    - Walter Jerry









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