Real CallerID Generator
AI (artificial intelligence) system to improve call connectivity & ASR.

Real caller ID Generator

RCI (Real caller ID) is a standalone softswitch which helps VoIP carriers to improve ASR and call connectivity. Especially USA call center VoIP providers where call connectivity is based on real caller IDs.

How does it work? RCI stands between VoIP servers and VoIP carriers. Once calls are generated then the RCI artificial intelligence system will start building an internal system where it will store connected dialed numbers into its database and then use those numbers as caller ID.

Live example: Lets say phone number with area code 306 is dialed then RCI artificial intelligence system will search for a real caller ID in its internal database once the number is found then RCI will set that number as Caller ID and send a call to selected VoIP route. Now lets say if no caller ID is found in that case RCI will get CLD number and it will change last 4 digits and set new generated number as caller ID.

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